Complete guide to Smartfields setup simple Inventory Management (readers edition)

I will introduce you how to set up simple inventory management with the help of SmartFields Power-Up

Imagine that we can manage our stock in Trello

Step 1

Let's create necessary fields on the card.

We will create:

  • Quantity (pcs)    //for current quantity of units on stock//
  • Received (pcs)   //for update quantity when we receive more units//
  • Disposed (pcs)   //for update quantity when we sell some units//
  • Price ($)              //to set price of each unit//
  • Value ($)             //to calculate cost of units//

To do this please press Smartfields button on the top right corner of your board

Than when Configure Smartfields  window opens start entering Fields by clicking on Add Field 

Step 2

Let's create formulas.

We will create:

  • Quantity (pcs) = Quantity (pcs) + Received (pcs) - Disposed (pcs)   // Current value of field  <Quantity (pcs)> will be incresed by an amount entered to field <Received (pcs)> and decreased by an amount          entered to field <Disposed (pcs)>
  • Value ($) = Quantity (pcs) * Price ($)                                                 // When we have calculated new value of the field <Quantity (pcs)>  in previous formula we can multiply it by <Price ($)>

To do this please move to the Formulas section and press the corresponding field name to add it to Formula. 

To add arithmetic symbols use the keyboard. 

To add new line press Enter on keyboard.

Please pay attention that Formulas applied only to new field values

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